Our Story

Hey there, my name is Lorna Park, and along with my husband Chris we are the co-founder’s of My Great Big Positive Life.

Alongside being a wife to Chris, I am also a proud mum of two incredible boys, Charlie (11) and Jacob (6). Being a parent is just the best job in the world, but it is definitely one of the hardest, especially when you know your child is struggling.


Where it all began.

Two years ago we found ourselves in that very position with our son Charlie. He went from a confident, happy little boy to developing a very negative mindset during his school years, believing he was failing at everything. Suffering from anxiety and lack of confidence he would give up at the slightest hurdle, so terrified of making mistakes that he’d rather not try. He was becoming increasingly frustrated with life. And as a result was becoming a victim of his own negative self-talk, stress and worries .

As if the planets were somehow aligned, I happened to be during this time committing to my own journey of self development. During this time I was introduced to the approach of Growth Mindset and Positive Psychology, via Positive Psychologist and Global success coach Niyc Pidgeon. Learning about the differences between fixed and growth mindset blew my mind. I started to identify with Charlie’s problems and understand his behaviour more.

Armed with this knowledge, we to understand how to support Charlie better and our parenting style totally changed. We started to praise his effort and hard work rather than his natural ability. Encouraging mistakes so they could be learnt from.  But most of all we helped him understand how his brain was working and how he could take control of it.


Life began to change.

Amazingly the results were immediate.

As soon as he understood how he could be the boss of his brain, his behaviour,  confidence, self belief, resilience, persistence, stress levels and over all health improved significantly.

Having seen first hand the impact of sharing with Charlie what I had learnt I went on the hunt for child friendly content to pass directly onto him. Sadly I couldn’t find anything that covered everything I wanted him to know. So, I set about creating something myself, to enable him to navigate his own way through the emotional rollercoasters of life.

After I started speaking to other parents I soon realised just how many were facing similar obstacles to our own.  My focus changed and something that started out as a small guide for my own son, soon became a mission to help as many kids as possible.


From passion project to print

Bringing this together has been a passion project of love, sweat, tears and joy. I have personally studied hundreds of books, studies and journals in the field of Child Psychology, Positive Psychology, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness. At times I have felt overwhelmed by need to make sure I get this right. I have checked, double checked and triple checked the information provided to make sure that it has been written responsibility. Therefore it can all be backed up by the scientific research that has been done in this field.


What’s inside?

Our “Superstar Edition”  is the ultimate self development toolkit for kids ages 9+ that will help them understand who they are, who they want to be and how they can live a positive life.

Our 3 in 1 guide encourages reading, creativity, journaling and purposely planning for a positive life.

With over 460 pages (including planner), it comes in either a gorgeous blue or orange cover, which is beautifully embossed with silver. The planner section has been deliberately left undated so it can be started at any point during the year. Inside, it has been creatively brought to life with stunning design and illustration by the immensely talented Scottish Illustrator Lucy Munro.

Included in the wide range of topics is Attitude of Gratitude, Making Friends With Failure, I am, I can, I will, The Power of Yet, You Ain’t Nothing But A Goal Digger, Choose Happy, Stay True To Who You Are, Random Acts of Kindness, The Road to Resilience, Understanding Emotional Intelligence, Let your Soul Sing, Mindfulness Matters and many more.

Encouraging personal engagement, the emphasises is on the child to develop a deep understanding of how their brain works, where their thoughts and feelings come from, and how by developing daily habits such as, gratitudes, affirmations and intentions they can go forward with the belief that they are not only capable, but that they are worthy of living their own Great Big Positive life.

Who’s it for?

My Great Big Positive Life “Superstar Edition” is not just for kids that are suffering from lack of confidence, stress or anxiety at the moment. It is for all kids, to help them understand that they are in control of who they are and that they can choose to live a confident, happy and productive life.

Starting their own self development journey at this key stage in their lives, will help them manage their feelings, understand themselves better and hopefully stop negative thoughts for developing in the first place.